For many years Medacta has been involved with Humanitarian Organizations donating economical contributions and medical devices. Medacta has also sponsored projects run by individual surgeons who have donated their services in disadvantaged countries.

Petté Hospital


Humanitarian Organization “Bambini nel Deserto"


Petté Hospital

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Orthopaedic Mission Hospital of Petté, Cameroon

"A miracle took place: nine young patients were operated on by the competent orthopaedic team of the Canton of Valais (Dr. Nicolas Rians, Dr. Christophe Sadowski, Dr. Gregory Zen Ruffinen and Arnaud Lemercier accompanied by Dr. Jacques Richon and Claudia Zen Ruffinen). A number of hip prostheses, donated by Medacta Int, were fitted by this voluntary team in the Petté hospital. An act of generosity and a wonderful success. The day after the operations, the patients were walking with crutches! So far no problems have been encountered. This operation, also supported by the State of Valais summarised the spirit well: the strong commitment of a team and constant professional diligence for a particularly disadvantaged population
Brief report:
In November 2012, Jacques Richon, Gregorie Zen Ruffinen and I spent a week at Petté hospital. We were interested in working with a hospital in Africa and as such we made contact with Anne-Marie Schönenberger. The purpose of our first visit was to understand whether such collaboration was possible, to understand the existing infrastructure of the hospital, and above all to prepare ourselves for any orthopaedic surgery in an environment that was not particularly favourable for such surgery.
During this first visit, we decided to explore. I know that there are not many orthopaedic surgeons who are experienced in prosthetic surgery in a hospital such as Petté. As infection is the greatest fear of orthopaedists, we trained the medical staff of Petté on this problem. Anne Marie and the Switzerland Social Donation, which manages the hospital, understood the challenge of such a project. In a short space of time, a new orthopaedic operating theatre had been built!
Orthopaedic surgery requires the use of voluminous and expensive equipment. In my opinion without the help of industry, such a project cannot develop. This project at Petté hospital was possible thanks to the generous support of the Siccardi family of Medacta. They provided the ancillary staff as well as the implants free of charge.
During this mission, we were able to implant nine hip prostheses. Thanks to the support of the Medacta Group, we did not experience any difficulty with the implants which we had in fairly large quantities. The material brought from Switzerland enabled us to work in comparably good conditions. Thanks to an expert surgical team, including two surgeons and an assistant, an anaesthetist and a male nurse, an assistant and a scrub nurse, we were able to implant a number of prostheses in less than 1h30. The rapidity of such a surgical act is very important in terms of reducing the risk of infection.
Three weeks after the operations for hip prosthesis, on nine patients, there were no complications. Four weeks after the operations, all patients had left the hospital. A follow-up appointment at three months is planned and has been accepted by all the patients. If the evolution of these first nine prostheses is favourable, then the possibility of repeating such a mission can be considered.
Their complete support enabled us to implant these first nine prostheses in excellent conditions."

Dr. Nicolas Riand




International medical aid of Arras

"Arras on 2/16/2012
The undersigned, Doctor Tillie, chairman of the AIMA association, certifies receipt from the Medacta Corporation of the equipment donation. The batch includes instruments and equipment for the application of APRICOT Cotyle.
This equipment will be used by an Afghan surgeon in the city of Herat. He was trained in France for two months for the prosthetic implantation.
AIMA association is grateful for this gift."

Dr. Bruno Tillie

AIMA association
No profit association, law 1901, was established in June 2010 to organise medical assistance with three goals:

  1. to create a mobile operating theatre to be effective in the event of emergencies.
  2. to help with the development of the Hospital of Antsohihy, in the North of Madagascar.
  3. to list practitioners interested in a humanitarian commitment and in taking part if possible in a club service; proposing this list to NGOs and asking club services to participate in the transportation of volunteers. This listing of doctors will enable the provision of training and examinations of specialists in Madagascar.


Humanitarian Organization “Bambini nel Deserto".

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Bambini nel deserto
From 2006 through 2012, Medacta was committed on a monthly basis for the donation of medical equipment to sustain the African projects of Humanitarian Organization “Bambini nel Deserto”.
The mission of the Humanitarian Organization “Bambini nel Deserto” is to improve, through direct and concrete actions, the condition of the children living in the Sahara and the Sahel.
The Humanitarian Organization is equipped with a structure of mainly volunteers, active both in Italy and in emerging countries, and is engaged in six areas:

  • Water
  • Food - food autonomy
  • Healthcare
  • Education and childcare
  • Economic development and microcredit
  • Migration
  • Humanitarian emergencies