Medacta Energy in Perù

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The hydro-electric power station located in Huallin (Peru) is expected to produce electricity (total 6.000kW) for both the local population and for selling on, using the flow of the Potaca and Vesubio rivers. 

The goal is to achieve overall energy between 35 and 40 million kWh per year.
This project is estimated to take approximately 15 months from December 2011 to the end of March 2013.
The go ahead for the power plant has already been granted by the Regional Direction of the Ministry of Energy and the hydrological project has been approved but is awaiting permission to also use the water. This permission is expected in the near future. The final planning and technical specifications are performed in Europe by a team of engineers who will ensure on-site supervision during the critical phases of the project.
The project is funded by donations and contributions from private benefactors and businesses along with offers of manpower and materials.   The current focus is concentrated on obtaining essential resources for phase one.