Medacta for Life Foundation supports projects for health,
development and childhood worldwide

Works to promote support and humanitarian organizations, social, educational and cultural values ​​and the propagation of ethical behavior and development assistance in addition to activities and aid in medical research to promote the welfare and health.

Collaborate and support other organizations with similar goals, similar, or public utilities. Raccogliei funds necessary to achieve the purpose, including the possible acquisition of movable and immovable property.

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The bilingual company crèche "MyBaby" is committed to supporting parenthood, promoting the return of women to their professional life after maternity leave welcoming both employees and local families.


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The bilingual pre-school "MyChild", inspired by the "Montessori" and "Reggio Children" pedagogic approaches, can host up to 20 kids from 3 to 6 years old. Their development is accompanied by a team of highly experienced and passionate teachers.


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The hydro-electric power station located in Huallin (Peru) is expected to produce electricity (total 6.000kW) for both the local population and for selling on, using the flow of the Potaca and Vesubio rivers.


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For many years Medacta has been involved with Humanitarian Organizations donating economical contributions and medical devices. Medacta has also sponsored projects run by individual surgeons who have donated their services in disadvantaged countries.